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  • La Nordica Suprema Cooking Stove
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Cast Iron Cook Stove "Suprema" by La Nordica

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Quick Overview:

A large cast iron stove by La Nordica!

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Cast Iron Cook Stove La Nordica "Suprema"

Cook stoves in general are not as efficient as EPA wood stoves (and for this reason EPA exempts them) but of course efforts are still made to maximize efficiency - this both saves wood and minimizes wood smoke. This is done primarily by introducing more combustion air into the firebox. More oxygen = more efficient burning = cleaner air. Suprema achieves a near 80% efficiency by having 3 air inlets, 2 of which are on the door and can be manually adjusted and the third is pre-adjusted, i.e. always open to a certain degree. You can speed up or slow down the fire with the help of the 2 air control on the firebox door. Please keep in mind that Suprema also comes in smaller and larger versions: Mamy and America, all 3 models feature the same technology.

This cream color is called "Twin" though it's primarily cream, because it features a black trim around the front of the stove. The parts painted in black are the ones that become the hottest during firing and black paint is better than cream at maintaining a uniform color (no discoloration). Most pictures on this page still show the previous version (cream), without the black trim.


Main Features:

External facing of enamelled cast-iron

Frame, plate and rings from cast-iron

Enamelled baking oven

Wood drawer

Centered chimney



Dimensions : 38.5"w x33.8"h x26"d
Footprint: 35" wide by 25" deep
Net weight : 490 lb
Firebox opening size : 9.25"x8.85"
Firebox size : 10.9"w x12"h x18.11"d
Oven size : 17.1"x16.5"x17"
Chimney collar diameter : 15 cm (5.9") (uses a 6" chimney)
Hearth material: Cast Iron
Thermal power : 37000 BTU
Adjustable primary air
Adjustable secondary air
Pre-adjusted third air
Efficiency : 77,8 %
Hourly wood consumption : 5 lb/h