Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "Rosa Maiolica Cappuccino"

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Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "Rosa Maiolica Cappuccino"

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Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "Rosa Maiolica Cappuccino"

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Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "Rosa Maiolica Cappuccino"


Meet "Rosa Maiolica Cappuccino". It features La Nordica's trademark maiolica tiles on the sides. The tiles are not there just for the looks, they serve an important heat retaining function. They absorb the heat and store it and then release it slowly into the room. This means the stove provides heat after the fire is gone and the metal pieces have cooled down. This heat of course is for home heating, not cooking. The cast iron fire chamber is located on the left and provides heat for both the baking oven on the right and the cooking top above. Cappuccino colored tiles match beautifully with room decor in pastel colors, beige, gold. All 3 Rosa Maiolica models (Bordeaux, White, and this one) are the same except for the tile colors, we have kept the product pages separate in order to display more pictures of each color  - please see the other 2 products for more pictures.

Main Features:

External facing in maiolica tiles

Enamelled oven

Frame, plate and rings in cast-iron

Wood drawer

Warming chamber




Dimensions : 40.5"w x33.5"h x26.2"d
Footprint: 35" wide by 25" deep
Net weight : 432 lb
Firebox opening size : 8.7"x10.4"
Firebox size : 10.6"w x13.4"h x15.7"d
Oven size : 13"x11.8"x16"
Chimney diameter : 15 cm (5.9") (uses a 6" chimney)
Hearth material: Cast Iron
Thermal power : 28000 BTU
Adjustable primary air
Adjustable secondary air
Efficiency : 78,9 %
Hourly wood consumption : 4 lb/h