What is a wood cook stove?

A wood cook stove is a full scale kitchen stove only fired by wood as opposed to electricity or gas.

What can it be used for?

It can be used for everything a regular stove is used for incl. both cooking and baking. Our cook stoves incorporate both a top cooking range and a convection oven for baking.

How does it operate?

A cook stove has a firebox where you will need to make a fire – like a wood burning fireplace. The stove does not allow this heat to escape but rather channels it to the cooking range and baking oven to provide heat for your cooking while at the same time heating your house.

Is it durable?

Our wood cook stoves are much more durable than regular gas or electric ranges. It is common to have the same cook stove in operation for over 50 years!

Is it safe?

Yes, if it is properly installed adhering to local regulations. More about this on our Installation & Certification pages.

Is it easy to use?

Very. Just make a fire, wait for the stove to heat up and use it just like you would a regular stove!

What are the advantages of wood cook stove over gas or electric stove?

First and foremost – independence, being able to cook & heat off the grid. Ambience – a live fire is a pleasure to sit by and enjoy on a cold winter day. Style – our stoves carry a distinctive Italian design. Heating – a cook stove is a powerful source of heat for your house.

Does a cook stove really provide heat for the house?

Yes, of course, the stove is designed to retain most of the heat in the room by heating up its own various components which in turn heat up the air in the room. In most cases a cook stove is not relied upon as a primary source of heat however it's still very significant heat source and can easily heat up a cabin or a house. We have reports from customers that our larger models heat up homes up to 6000sf, thought this will depend on a few factors such as stove position, house design, etc.

Some of your ovens have maiolica tiles on the sides – is this just for design?

No! While the tiles are in fact very pretty they also serve a functional purpose: maiolica absorbs heat from the stove and then later slowly releases it into the room. This way the stove will remain warm even after the fire is out!

Can the temperature be controlled?

Yes, but not as quickly as on a gas or electric range. Temperature is controlled by means of air controls: more air = higher temperature. Heat can also be channelled in 2 ways: directly to the range top if you are cooking or all around the baking oven if you are baking. Keep in mind the heat in the stove is tranferred via heating up steel & cast iron components. The components of the oven are designed to change temperature quickly however it's not instant.

Are your stoves EPA-approved?

EPA is a mark certifying that the stove meets clean burning requirements. The Environment Protection Agency recognizes that cook stoves are not used nearly as frequently as regular wood stoves and hence cook stoves are exempt from EPA requirements. EPA has established strict guidilines on what constitutes a cook stove and our stoves fit them exactly. More about this on our Certification page

Are your stoves clean burning and efficient?

Yes, La Nordica stoves are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize smoke emissions. All stoves have secondary air supply and many have a third air supply. The stoves have efficiency levels close to or above 80%.

What about safety certification?

All our models except Clasica, Rustica, Salamander Range, and America are UL-certified.

If i need parts later will they be available?

Yes, we stock virtually all parts for our stoves including glass, firebricks, etc.