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"America" Wood Cook Stove by La Nordica

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Quick Overview:

La Nordica's biggest and most powerful stove!

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La Nordica model 7016014.

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Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "America"

America is the top of the line cook stove by La Nordica: biggest, most powerful, most expensive. The stove features a huge firebox and a huge baking oven - this means most powerful heating and most spacious baking. Like Mamy and Suprema, America is made from cast iron with beautiful enamel color finishes - anthracite black or cream. This is La Nordica's only cook stove with 3 ringed burners, all other stoves have only 1 or 2 burners, though in practice the entire cook top of each stove is cast iron and is used for cooking. America has 2 separate drawers at the bottom - use one for wood and the other for pots & pans. Effortless and extremely tight door lock systems on both firebox and baking oven. Triple air supply for clean and efficient wood burning. The firebox has 2 unique features:

1) a charcoal grill...right in the firebox! Use it to make real charcoal food at home - steaks, fish, vegetables.

2) the height of the firebox is adjustable! There is a cast iron plate at the bottom which holds your logs and burning embers - crank it up and it comes closer to the top! This is done to increase the heat on the cook top. 

America is much bigger than a typical home gas or electric stove and the space is divided wisely for both heating and baking with a panoramic firebox and a nearly 3 cubic feet baking oven. America will heat up 1600 sf or more depending on regular heating-related factors: insulation, construction, outside temperature etc. 

Main Features:

Oversized firebox and baking oven

Cast iron body, hearth, cooktop, burners

Enamelled baking oven

2 wood drawers

3 ringed burners

Centered chimney

Adjustable primary air

Adjustable secondary air

Pre-adjusted tertiary air

Specs for the Stove
Dimensions 50.3"w x33.9"h x26"d
Footprint 46.5" wide by 25" deep
Net Weight 706 lb
Firebox Opening Size 12"w x 16"h
Firebox Size 15.7"w x16.1"h x18.1"d
Oven Size 17.1"w x16.5"h x16.9"d
Chimney Diameter 16 cm (6.3") (uses a 6" chimney)
Hearth Material Cast Iron
Thermal Power 52000 BTU
Efficiency 75.6 %
Hourly Wood Consumption 7 lb/h