Lacunza Clasica Wood Stove

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"Clasica" Cast Iron Wood Cook Stove by Lacunza

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Quick Overview:

"Clasica" by Lacunza: A Spanish Cast Iron Cook Stove!

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Lacunza "Clasica" Cast Iron Wood Cook Stove!

Lacunza is Spain's premier wood cook stove manufacturer and "Clasica" is their flagship model and one of the best cook stoves we have seen in the world.

First off: it's entirely made in Spain at a state of the art facility.

You've gotta touch it to really feel the quality. Heavy cast iron doors, frames, and cook top, unbelievable enamel job, very convenient and solid door handles and locking system. Here are some of the features:

Large & easy to grab chrome handles on both doors

Glass on the firebox door: watch the flames

Glass on the bake oven door: watch your food cooking

Enamelled baking oven: easy cleaning

Firebrick-lined firebox

Chimney outlets are in the middle - both on top and in the back

Chimney outlets are 15 cm, a US standard 6" chimney will work but may need some wedging

Max. log length: 16"

Please note that even though the stove is shown on many pictures as having zero clearance to the cabinets this is NOT in fact possible in USA. Like most of our other stoves it's not UL listed and hence blanket clearance rules from your local Building Code will apply - please see the Installation link above for more info.

We carry 2 sizes of this stove:

1) Size 8

40" wide x 21.5" deep x 33.5" high

 Firebox dimensions: 11"w x 18.5"d x 13"h

Oven dimensions: 20"w x 17"d x 16"h

 weight: 525 lb


2) Size 5

29.5" wide x 21.5" deep x 33.5" high

 Firebox dimensions: 8"w x 17"d x 11"h

Oven dimensions: 15"w x 17"d x 17"h

weight: 400 lb